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Revolutionizing Connectivity: Reliance Jio Unveils Affordable JioBharat 4G Phones with Exciting Features!

In a groundbreaking move, Reliance Jio has joined forces with feature phone giants Itel, Lava, and Nokia to launch the upgraded JioBharat 4G phone, priced at just Rs 999. This move is part of Jio’s ambitious plan to transition around 250 million 2G users to the world of affordable and feature-packed 4G devices.

The collaboration with Itel, Lava, and Nokia is set to redefine the feature phone market, focusing on creating affordable Jio Bharat 4G devices that cater to the needs of a diverse consumer base. Sunil Dutt, President of the Devices Division at Jio, highlighted that affordability is the driving force behind Jio’s foray into the feature phone market.

The upgraded version of the Rs 999-priced 4G phone is expected to be a game-changer, offering support for UPI payments, WhatsApp, and live TV streaming. This enhancement aligns with Jio’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for its customers.

Dutt expressed concern for the 2G users, stating, “This is the most exploited customer, and surprisingly our competitors have no sense of regret in exploiting them too.” He pointed out that competitors charge significantly higher prices for limited data on 2G networks, highlighting the inefficiency of such offerings.

One of the key features of the Jio Bharat phones is the availability of special 4G monthly plans that are competitively priced lower than the market rates. Dutt emphasized that Jio is offering a wide range of content, including live TV with over 450 channels, the latest films, thousands of songs, and IPL streaming – all at a price 30% lower than the competition. The most affordable plan starts at just Rs 123 for a 28-day period, providing users with 500MB of daily data.

In addition to its impressive array of features, Jio Bharat phones will support UPI payments, reinforcing Jio’s commitment to creating devices that seamlessly integrate with the evolving digital landscape. The scan-and-pay option for UPI payments adds another layer of convenience for users.

The Jio Bharat platform currently boasts three models – JioBharat V2, JioBharat K1 Karbonn, and JioBharat B1 – with plans to introduce more models later this year. While the primary focus is on transitioning 2G users to the 4G ecosystem, Jio is also making strides in prioritizing the 5G rollout.

In conclusion, Reliance Jio’s collaboration with Itel, Lava, and Nokia marks a significant step towards providing affordable and feature-rich 4G phones to a wide audience. The upgraded JioBharat 4G phone, priced at Rs 999, is set to revolutionize connectivity with its UPI support, WhatsApp integration, and live TV streaming capabilities. As Jio continues to prioritize affordability and innovation, the Jio Bharat platform is poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping the digital landscape for millions of users. Embrace the future of connectivity with Reliance Jio!

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